14 Habits to Be Happier through Exercise.

Many people exercise, play some kind of sport, or know someone who does this. After doing this almost all my life, I have some pearls of wisdom. To get a head start, focus on a full body workout. In sports, your base (waist down) is more important than your torso, except for your mind and heart. It will bring your conversations to life and rejuvenate your perspective.

I met a 74-year-old man who played basketball on the full court. He was a teammate of Oscar Robertson (The Big O) at the Cincinnati Royals. It is a pleasure to see him due to his subtle technique and self confidence. He has a team called “Man Up”. Let me know how the following works to achieve “One Up You”.

If you want to read the final book on basketball, we recommend that you take a look at the art of basketball by Oscar Robertson (The Big O). Be sure to interpret the words on the pages correctly and add your rating. We wish him much momentum and support for life.

I am sure there is a book for those who practice other sports. Use your imagination to visually practice the techniques. Try to block 30 minutes, identify the skills, count the number of mental repetitions and sets. Then try it out in the field. I think you will like the results. Make sure you live a balanced life.

Good sportsmanship has its privileges. I recently attended a basketball game in high school and am disgusted with the behavior of a few. It has to stop because it is sending the wrong message. Also note that this is about winning the game. A negative habit will only hinder your progress if you reach the next level and beyond. Have control

  1. Listen to your body and consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program.
  2. Do different exercises
  3. Play a sport
  4. If a part of the body hurts, do not get worse and consult a doctor.
  5. During exercise, mentally focus on the part of the body you are training
  6. At least two real smiles while resting during an hour of training
  7. Vary your cardio routines, including duration, day, and speed.
  8. Have at least one short conversation before or during training
  9. Compete with a secondary objective (repeat as necessary before proceeding to the next level) and achieve a goal
  10. Less is more when done correctly
  11. Drink eight glasses of water a day … Start the day with a glass and drink less with meals. Don’t drink all at once
  12. Eat a variety of nutritious foods (including some fruits, a nut, a walnut, two almonds)
  13. Don’t drink more than 1.5 cups of your favorite sports drink after your workout
  14. Do not eat within two hours of training for optimal stomach strength.
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