Here are some simple things you need to do to be rich.

Earning money is simple when you cause riches rather than waiting for the effect.

Let me use a simple analogy to clarify my position.

Imagine standing in front of a huge waterfall. You are thirsty and the water is cool, clean and clean. You can take as many as you want.

How much can you take with you?

It all depends on the size of your container. You can take a small cup, a gallon bucket, a barrel, or even a tank. Likewise, the amount of money in the world is like this fountain of plenty. Billions of dollars are circulating around the world. The well is abundant.

Some may keep billions, others millions, others hundreds of thousands, still others ten thousand, still others a thousand, still others hundreds, and still others a pocket.

These things are in fact only effects.

The effect is what you see in the visible world. These are the results of a wealth building strategy that worked.

What are the causes?

How can people build wealth first? The cause is what happens in the invisible world before the effect becomes apparent in the sense world.

The reason for money is thoughtful, and the amount of money in your life is based on one thing: the size of your thought. It is the most basic knowledge of wealth that you need to change your destiny.

If you are a little thinker, go to the fountain of plenty with a small container. Maybe the can has enough changes to keep you alive. Maybe a bucket is the one that gives you enough to survive in some comfort … but too little to be happy.

If you are a big thinker on the other hand, you go to the well of many tanker trucks and live really well, with all the necessities of life you can easily take care of your generation and maybe a generation or two behind you. You are even where you share the wealth. You are a master in a wealth building system.

Then there are, of course, some really great thinkers. They don’t just have tankers – they even have a fleet of tankers in front of a well of plenty. If they wish, they can buy small islets.

Your thinking determines the size of the container you use for income.

How do you broaden your thinking to make it bigger?

The first thing you do is use your imagination. If you simply train yourself to think in larger and larger quantities, you will find a better size that will hold the abundance you want in life.

The next thing you want to enlarge is the size of your heart.

The more value you can give and the more people you can serve, the more money you will earn. This is the reason why the higher you are in the organization, the more people you earn and therefore the higher the salary.

Of course, a better way to make money is to work for yourself. When you work for yourself, your pool of people is almost limitless. The more benefits you offer to others, the more people will find this offer.

Finally, when your imagination and heart are sufficiently engaged, you will begin to look for ways to gain knowledge in your field and before you know it you will be a highly paid professional.

The amount of money in the world is fine like that. Billions of dollars are hovering around the planet. Creating wealth is a skill that many people and nations have learned.

I sincerely hope that I have given you some valuable ideas to explore. As you consider how your life will be better when you are in charge, you may want to take an even deeper look at how you can develop your imagination, generosity, and knowledge of an industry or profession.

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