The 20 Step Action Plan For Success.

Know the Success Factors.

Taking action is the strongest way to be successful in your life. Here are 20 steps you can take to promote success in your life, business, career, relationships, or family. Take one or two of the actions that you are best at and practice them. Then start working on other actions. You will be surprised how successful you are if you take action.

  • STOP … as it is currently doing.
    • If you stop, you have the right to objectively and clearly understand what is happening in your life, and then continue if necessary.
  • DROP … the assumptions you make about other people and yourself.
    • Leaving your current way of working may mean starting over or simply changing the way you approach things. You start with the cleanest board possible.
  • WAIT … success. Luck. Funny. Joy. Love what you really want
    • Waiting creates sensitivity for what is expected. Waiting for good things opens up a world of possibilities.
  • GIVE … without expectation.
    • Without being requested. when you can and when you can’t. Creative and new. Giving is the gift of self-esteem. When you’re really comfortable, you give effortlessly.
  • BELIEVE … the world is abundant. In yourself.
    • Belief goes hand in hand with action. If you believe, your actions reflect the reality of your belief.
    • People who are generous to you, the world for what you have, yourself for what you contribute.
    • Giving thanks means thinking about your happiness.
  • VISUALIZE … your goals.
    • Your challenges Your victories … the path you take in life.
    • Visualizing is using all of your senses and having fully experienced the action before it happens.
  • Ask … what you want. others what you need. for help
    • Asking is not a selfish act. Appropriately, it is an act of progress, clarification, and generosity.
  • CREATE … your world.
    • New art, new projects, new thoughts, new writing, new music, new fun in your life and in the lives of others. A safe place for others to exist. A fun environment for those who play.
    • Creating is human and impressive.
  • LAUGH … a lot. according to. in you.
    • Laughing means always being selfless and laughing at yourself and at humanity.
  • DO … something. Something.
    • If you do this, you will advance. If you do this, you will come out of your depression. Doing something, and sometimes anything, can be the catalyst that keeps you going. Doing something means being physically and mentally active and not getting bogged down. The act of doing is the act of success.
  • FORGIVE … those who hurt you. yourself.
    • Forgiving means acknowledging and saying that everything is in order.
  • BE
    • the success you want to be now. Play the role to make this the new norm. True to yourself. Present at all times for you and for those around you. Being in that sense is an act. It means that you are actively present and in the role of yourself. Being means that you are not lost in the past or in the future.
  • LOVE
    • those people around you. those who support you. Your family. your friends. yourself.
    • Loving means opening up to those who are close to you and ultimately to everyone.
    • your efforts to achieve your priorities, your goals, and your plans.
    • Concentrating means that your energies are not wasted or over-distributed.
  • LEARN … every day.
    • Learning means honoring the skill that we all have in our heads. Our muscular thinking exercises to learn.
  • BALANCE … your life for you, your family, your job, the world.
    • Balancing means recognizing limits and acting in such a way that they are not exceeded.
  • RELAX … your body. Your mind.
    • Relaxing means allowing our thoughts to catch up and organize us. Relaxing allows our mental muscles to rest.
  • HUG
    • your fear as a necessary part of success. change as a vehicle for new opportunities. new people like that … people. Hugging is a comforting but safe hug.
  • OBSERVE … the world around you.
    • The people around you. what you see, hear, taste, small and feel. what your stomach tells you. What your mind thinks, the power of a relaxed and rested mind
    • You can observe the willingness to be taught about your world and the people and things in it.
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